How to Do Creative Writing?

How is your writing language? Whether creative or not creative?

Many people admire the style of Andrea Hirata language for creative writing. Andrea can be so because the energy flow within him was art, namely the expertise of stringing words that can cause a sense of fun and enjoyment on the reader.

His ability to weave words like a professional painter who was able to describe the beauty of his creation with a flexible swinging the brush over kanfas. That is the appeal of Andrea, he was able to hypnotize the reader with a creative language that many of his books sold on the market.

How about you? Do you have the ability to write beautiful language-creative?

Although you do not have the ability to create a style that is creative, it does not matter if you will-are willing to practice. The point is there in experiencing that ends later called the lawyer-nature-an. If you diligently practice it is natural-i you will master the language and give birth to a better and more creative.

Good, now I love the example difference uncreative writing and creative writing below:

-> Writing is not creative: round white moon appeared in the sky. No surrounding wispy clouds looks around him.

-> Creative Writing: moonlight reveals through thin clouds. The light slowly penetrate foliage and pine trees where I sat chatting sweetheart. Evening dew drops began to walk down slowly falling touching the hair and skin of the face and hands.

Hmmmm …… whether the writing looks berbedaaa ….? Where creative and which are not creative?

Actually, the above is an example of creative writing for writing fiction, but in fact can also be used for other writing except scientific writing.

Some tips to get you into a creative writing are as follows:

Have a creative imagination. As you write, try to imagine a suitable word for an object, event, or phenomenon. For example: Month -> moon, red + broke, the extraordinary + powerful, … etc.

Master the language creatively. The language is also very creative you need to master. Creative writing requires a good command of the language as it will help you to produce good work. The best way to master the creative language is with a lot of observing a synonym or synonym in the dictionary.

It’s just that writing should not be polished too belebihan alias lebay but kreasikanlah it with moderation.

Remember!!! Rate an article not only lies in the story, plot, theme (if fiction), content, referral sources, and so on, but mastery of the language is also important. When creative writing, then it could lead to a higher interest in reading than writing is not creative.

Creative writing makes people happy and happy reading while writing is not creative is boring and distant readers. Creative writing techniques and the creative does not have a difference that can be felt immediately.

Creative writer is not intended to damage the meliak-liukkan language with words but the language will become more beautiful because creativity of a writer to draw something different with writers who are not creative berhahasa.

Yups … so first tips on how to write today. Please share your experiences in the comments field below, yes …. If you want to directly learn to write a book please follow lessons Writing Books Online Writing Course on this site, okay.